Car Image
Box Car (ulf-1s) Box Car
Coal Gondola (ulf-1s) Coal Gondola
Covered Hopper (ulf-1s) Covered Hopper
Wood Chip Car (ulf-1s) Wood Chip Car
Auto Racks (ulf-1s) Auto Rack
Road Railer (ulf-1s) Road Railer
Material Handling Car (ulf-1s) Material Handling Car
Caboose-One (cbl-1s) Caboose-1
Caboose-One Orange LED (cbl-1sorg) Caboose-1
Caboose-Two (cbl-2s) Caboose-2
Caboose-Frog-eye (clb-3s) Caboose-frogeye
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These are only a few of the cars we can install ultraliteFreds on. We have found that a ultraliteFred can be installed on just about any car that does not have the base clued to the body, so if you have a suggestion for a call let us know.